Keep That Stainless Steel Looking Nice A Sleek

Dated: 08/25/2016

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Keep That Stainless Steel Sleek & Shining!

Stainless steel appliances really make a kitchen standout and can be the real pieces that modernize any renovation project. Along with the appealing look, stainless steel appliances are very durable and resist rust and corrosion.

While these are a great option for your kitchen, they do require their own TLC to keep them looking amazing!

These are my helpful tips!

1. Clean with microfiber cloths

These are the best option to avoid scratching the steel surfaces. Paper towels or any cleaning products with a rough surface (e.g. steel wool) could damage them. The key is to be gentle!

2. Using just water can get the job done!

Warm water and a microfiber cloth are the best options for cleaning these type of surfaces with the least risk of damaging them.  Microfiber cloths also absorb most of the water which avoid water marks on the finished product! If the job is a little tougher, use just a drop of mild dish soap.

3. Glass cleaner for fingerprints! 

Inevitably if you’re using your appliances, you’ll leave your fingerprints all over the place! Put glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth and using soft circular wipes will clean your “crime scene”.

4. Steel cleaner for the tougher jobs

For hard to remove stains or scratches, a steel cleaner is a great option to keep on hand. Make sure to follow the directions and rinse the area thoroughly after finishing.

5. Dry along the grain to avoid water spots

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With proper care and maintenance you can enjoy the look of your stainless steel kitchen for years to come!

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